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Citizenship, RE and PSHE enables young people to gain a deeper understanding of the world in which they live; its diversity, its vibrancy and its challenges. It gives them the opportunity to become independent thinkers and positive contributors to the community in which they live, through a series of active citizenship opportunities, within the lesson and across the school.


Year 7 – Beliefs & Values, Prejudice & Discrimination, Charity (Children in Need), Healthy Body/Healthy Mind, RSE, Creation Stories, Planet Earth, Personal Finance, Government & Politics, Drugs & Alcohol, Careers and First Aid

Year 8 – Diversity, Mental Health, Mortality, RSE, Media, Government & Politics, Careers, Drugs & Alcohol, Influential Figures and First Aid

Year 9 – Diversity, Crime, Drugs & Alcohol, Poverty, Charity (Comic/Sports Relief), RSE, Love & Marriage, Careers and First Aid

Extra-Curricular Activities

There are a range of Active Citizenship opportunities that take place across the school, organised by a number of departments. These range from organising a major charity event, taking part in a number of sporting challenges, becoming Leaders and Mentors, to becoming a member of the Student Council. 

Year 7 - Children in Need


 Year 9 - Sport/Comic Relief



This is what they said:

I’ve learnt that every little bit counts. The smallest amount of money makes a massive difference to people’s lives

I’ve really enjoyed being creative and organising something by ourselves

I enjoyed having authority

I learnt to concentrate on the cash but have fun with your activity and friends at the same time!

KS4 Citizenship

GCSE Citizenship is a course that gives students the opportunity to explore the world that we live in locally, nationally and internationally, whilst thinking about the diverse relationships that exist between different people and groups within society and the ways we can make a difference to the community in which we live. Students will also undertake action in which they will aim to make a change in the community around them.

Click here to view the CARE and Citizenship Curriculum Overview and Intent