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CARE (Citizenship, PSHE, RE)

Students will learn and develop skills, knowledge and understanding in order to make them a valued member of society in adult life.  Mutual respect, responsibility, tolerance and empathy are key skills to possess in the diverse society and world that we live in, so that we can thrive together.  Students will develop age-appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to support a healthy active lifestyle, in which positive relationships can be formed and risks can be managed to ensure well-being.  Students will be supported in aspects of careers, finance and digital literacy to ensure that they are ready to enter the world of higher education, training or employment and have the character skills to thrive as an individual and as part of a team. 

Curriculum Provision

At KS3 students have three CARE lessons over the fortnight in addition to a weekly PiXL session during tutor time that focuses on different aspects of the PSHE curriculum. At Key Stage 4, although only a few students will choose Citizenship as a full GCSE, all students continue with their weekly PiXl session and have the opportunity to build upon the themes from KS3 through our assembly programme and core PE lesson. 


Those students who follow Citizenship at GCSE will have five lessons a fortnight.

Exam board specification: Edexcel  Citizenship


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