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Curriculum @ TMBS


An Outstanding Curriculum

Students at TMBS experience a curriculum that is:

Rich – Students gain an incredibly wide range of knowledge and experiences during their time at TMBS.

Well planned and coherent – We have carefully considered and planned all aspects of our curriculum, maximising students' development within individual subjects and their holistic learning.

Well sequenced – Our curriculum is planned to ensure ideas build over time in the most efficient way. Knowledge gained at Key stage 3 builds carefully on KS2 and provides a solid foundation for GCSE study.

Comprehensive – Every element of what students need to be successful (including personal development, behaviour for learning and extra-curricular opportunities) forms part of our well planned curriculum.


Our Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at TMBS comprises of all the learning and developmental opportunities our students experience. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, the school aims to promote success for all by ensuring our students:

  •  Are engaged and enjoy learning.
  • Are confident and resilient when faced with challenges.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the wider world.
  • Are encouraged to work collaboratively (together) to ask questions and develop a love of learning.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge for life beyond school.
  • Take responsibility - Reflect on previous experiences and make improvements to achieve and surpass their own personal targets.



For further information about our outstanding curriculum please see our Curriculum Statement (last reviewed November 2023) on our Key Policies/Frameworks page , individual subject pages or contact our Vice Principal, David Beckitt: