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In English, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are vital in enabling students to be successful in the world of academia, the world of work and in wider society. Offering a curriculum that is challenging and engaging, alongside honing good literacy and reading skills is central to our intent, allowing students to explore texts that will promote their knowledge and understanding of different cultures and times, as well as firing their imagination.  Students will have practised a range of skills and approaches in each of their Key Stage 3 units, which include Shakespeare, poetry, fiction and nonfiction for example, areas begun and built upon right from the start of Year 7.  At Key Stage 4, students will study prose, a play, poetry, Shakespeare, non-fiction texts, short fiction texts and writing in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres.

Fostering a love of reading and literature is also key for students in both Key Stages. Students have access to a fully equipped library, including fortnightly library lessons at Key Stage 3, which take place during English lessons. Students are also encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to fuel their love of language and literature, including creative writing club, book club, writing and poetry competitions, experiences in the world of journalism (such as young reporters) as well as theatre trips and productions.

Curriculum Provision

All students in KS3 are taught seven lessons of English over a two-week period, which will then increase to nine periods in KS4. In both Year 10 and Year 11 a small group of students will also have five additional English sessions as one of their options subjects to secure key foundational skills and content needed for success in both Language and Literature. 

Students who complete additional English lessons will have been identified by their teachers in Year 9 and following discussions with parents are offered the opportunity in place of French/Enterprise and Marketing when they go through the options process in the summer term.

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