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Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow. -

L. C. Powell

Our Curriculum

At The Market Bosworth School, English is the heart of our curriculum.  It is a vital core subject which underpins learning in other subject areas and enables students to be successful in the world of academia and in the world of work.

At Key Stage 3, all students have seven English lessons across their two week timetable.  Currently, students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups in Year 7 and are placed in ability based groups in Years 8 and 9.  Students have 9 English lessons per fortnight at Key Stage 4 and are taught in ability based groups.

We pride ourselves on offering a Key Stage 3 curriculum that is challenging and engaging.  Honing good literacy and reading skills is central to our curriculum, along with allowing students to explore texts that will promote their knowledge and understanding of different cultures, as well as firing their imagination.  In each year at Key Stage 3, students will study a novel, read short stories, enjoy a wealth of poetry, explore a range of non-fiction and delve into the world of Shakespeare. Our course follows the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Key Stage 3 in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Within each unit, several formative assessments will take place and these will be used to build a profile of progress made by each individual student.  Students will have practised a range of skills and approaches in each of their Key Stage 3 units; this should mean their transition to GCSE English at the start of Year 10 is much less daunting.

Eduqas is our exam board for both Language and Literature at Key Stage 4.  GCSE units are made accessible in the classroom by our in-house specialist booklets, engaging teaching, 'stretch and challenge' opportunities and a wealth of material for independent study and revision.  We study 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Blood Brothers', 'A Christmas Carol' and a wide range of poetry at Key Stage 4 in preparation for students' GCSE Literature exam, as well as a variety of fiction and non-fiction extracts to prepare students for their GCSE Language exam.  We aim to build communication skills and confidence through a variety of spoken language activities including: paired, individual and group presentations, debate, speeches, role play, discussion and dramatic performances.  All students will write in a variety of styles throughout both key stages, including descriptively, informatively, persuasively and creatively.  This will include writing: articles, reports, letters, reviews, speeches, essays and narratives.  Vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation skills are embedded throughout the key stages.

Staffing and Resources

English is taught by a committed and dynamic team of full and part time teachers.  We work as a supportive team, collaboratively planning to ensure an engaging and exciting curriculum for our students.  Our aim is to maximise the potential of every student, and to ensure that students feel confident and invested in the progress they make during their time at The Market Bosworth School.

As part of our continued professional development we participate in courses and exam board training at both county and national level to ensure we are up to date with the most recent innovations, good practice and curriculum developments, which are then cascaded across the department.  Many of us also work as examiners, which gives us an invaluable insight into the assessment process and of the broader teaching and learning requirements of our subject.

Located in the midst of our department is our fantastic library and resource centre, equipped with approximately 10,000 books – ensuring students always have something to read! We work closely with Leicestershire Creative Learning Services and with our excellent, experienced librarians to regularly review and replenish our books.  All of our department are, of course, avid readers who enjoy reading widely to enable us to recommend books to our students. It is one of our priorities, and a government initiative, to encourage young people to read for pleasure and we believe our wealth of reading material, our enthusiasm and love of reading enable us to do this.

The GCSE  English specification allows for submersion into the wild and wonderful world of literature, with a steep, impressive knowledge of texts.

The Guardian, 2019

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities that we endeavour to offer include:  trips to the theatre, touring theatre performances, BBC Young Reporter, author visits and book talking (organised in conjunction with our librarians), competitions and creative writing workshops.

We strive for all of our English students to flourish into independent and resilient young people who are proud of their achievements and ambitious to reach their full potential.  Above all, we hope that students will be enthusiastic about, and enjoy, their English studies at The Market Bosworth School.


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