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Performing Arts (Music, Drama, Dance)

Performing Arts allows students the opportunity to be creative and express themselves, through the development of skills and learning opportunities, both in and beyond the classroom. Students are exposed to a range of mediums, genres, practitioners and creative styles in order to develop an appreciation of the Arts. In each discipline students are equipped with practical and theoretical skills and knowledge appropriate to each topic studied. Performing Arts promotes enjoyment, confidence, self-belief, empathy, teamwork and discipline to name but a few and in doing so helps to prepare them for life beyond school.  

Curriculum Provision

At KS3 all students can access Music and Drama through distinct lessons on their timetable. In Drama students will have one Drama lesson in Year 7 with two lessons in both Year 8 & 9. In Year 7 & 8 students have two lessons of Music and one lesson in Year 9. Whilst Dance is not taught separately in KS3 students complete a dance module within their PE lessons.

At KS4 students who continue with any of these subjects at GCSE will have five lessons a fortnight.

Exam board specification:

AQA  Dance

AQA  Drama

OCR  Music


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