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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department at TMBS continues to grow and thrive from year to year, with more students than ever taking part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, as well as opting for performing arts subjects at GCSE level.

At KS3 the performing arts subjects that are studied are primarily music and drama with dance being offered as part of the PE curriculum, as well as in after school sessions.

In music lessons across KS3, students have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of styles, genres, instruments and techniques from all over the world. Whether it's learning the guitar or ukulele, tapping out rhythms on the African drums, tickling the ivories on the piano, learning to DJ with our turntables or studying the legendary film music of the likes of John Williams, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Music is a very practical and hands on lesson where students are encouraged to play and enjoy music for themselves, giving something new a try.

If students want to take their passion for music further outside the classroom, we have a number of peripatetic teachers who offer lessons for vocals, strings, wind, piano, guitar and drums.  All of these teachers provide lessons within the school day in the performing arts department.

In drama lessons at KS3, students have the opportunity to study many aspects of the theatre and acting world.  Students learn about and hone their drama skills across a variety of areas and styles, such as pantomime, physical theatre, improvisation, devising, mime, musical theatre, naturalism, soap opera and much more.  Much the same as music, drama is a practical, upbeat lesson with many opportunities for students to act and perform to their peers.

In dance lessons across KS3, students have the opportunity to try and develop skills within a range of dance styles, such as Jive, Disco, Hip Hop and Contemporary.  Students have lots of opportunities to showcase their performance and choreography skills in all of these styles and begin to develop their understanding of the building blocks of dance.

In music, dance and drama, students are not only able to express themselves and be creative, but also learn an extensive range of life skills that are valuable in the development of any young person.  These can include communication skills, problem solving, motivation and commitment, tolerance and respect, leadership, teamwork and confidence to name just a few.

As a Performing Arts department, we aim to promote cross curricular working and we celebrate our students' success in end of year performances.  Clubs currently on offer are; drama club, dance club, singing club, orchestra, wind group and practice spaces available for any other performing arts work that students wish to do at break, lunchtime and after school.  At Christmas and the end of the summer term we invite parents to watch students' work in showcase events.  These are becoming more and more popular each year with student involvement continually increasing.  This is usually the highlight of the year.

GCSE options in Performing Arts are also growing in popularity.  We currently offer GCSE courses in all three disciplines: Dance, Drama and Music.  As part of studying one of these GCSE subjects, KS4 students have the opportunity to go on a two-day residential to London's West End for an amazing, real life experience of working in the Performing Arts industry.  Finally, as part of the KS4 curriculum students and families also have many opportunities to access reduced price theatre tickets for productions at Curve in order to develop their experience and understanding of performance.

Details of our GCSE courses can be found below, along with links to the subject specific pages of the exam boards' websites:

Drama (AQA)

Understanding Drama - Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre

Devising Drama - Process of creating original devised drama

Texts in practice - Performance of two extracts from one play

Click here to view the Drama Curriculum Overview and Intent

Music (OCR)

Performance on the learner's chosen instrument

Composition to a brief set by the learner

Ensemble performance

Composition to an OCR set brief

Listening exam covering concerto through time, rhythms of the world, film music and conventions of pop

Click here to view the Music Curriculum Overview and Intent

Dance (AQA)

This course is suited to those who have a passion for dance and performing.  It is intended for those students who not only enjoy expressing themselves through dance, but appreciate a range of dance styles as the audience.  Students are not expected to be currently, or have previously attended formal dance lessons, to embark on this course, but their passion for the subject must be clear.

The course comprises of a practical element, where students are assessed as a performer and choreographer, and a written theory exam where they are assessed on: their understanding of the choreography process; their ability to evaluate and improve their own and others' performance; and their appreciation of 6 professional dance works in a range of dance styles.

More information can be found at the link below and you can view the 4 set phases that students will work with throughout the course.

Students will be expected, as part of the course, to attend rehearsals and perform in showcases throughout the course.

Component 1 - Performance & Chreography

Component 2 - Dance Appreciation

Click here to view the Dance Curriculum Overview and Intent