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Extended Curriculum

The school values a holistic approach to the students’ education, and recognises the benefits created by our extra-curricular activities which are a fundamental feature of the school’s ethos. In conjunction with lessons our extra-curricular programme is carefully planned to create a sense of Enjoyment, Engagement, Confidence and Resilience within our students. Clubs, events and trips play an integral part promoting curiosity and intrigue, whilst developing those important life skills for life beyond The Market Bosworth School. Extra-curricular opportunities this year include:

Residential Trips

Year 7 Osmington Bay Trip: All students that want to attend are given the opportunity to attend a 4 day residential that focuses on a range of outdoor pursuits. The trip will allow students to build stronger, lasting friendships whilst experiencing the outdoors, developing their confidence and enhancing their resilience skills.

Year 8 Paris Trip: All students that want to attend are given the opportunity to attend a 5 day cultural residential that includes visits to major Parisian landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe, a boat tour on the Seine River, as well as a day excursion to Parc Astérix.

Year 9 Bormio Ski Trip: All students that want to attend are given the opportunity to attend an 8 day residential trip to Italy that allows students of all abilities to learn to ski whilst enjoying a slice of Italian Culture.

Year 10 London Performing Arts: All performing Art students (Dance, Music & Drama) are given the opportunity to attend a 3 day trip to London that sees students take part in a workshop at the world famous Pineapple Studios, explore the backstage workings of the National Theatre, time in Covent Garden watching the street performers and watch a West End Show.

Year 10 Berlin and Auschwitz: All students that want to attend are given the opportunity to attend a thought provoking trip to Germany and Poland to gain a greater insight into their important part within history whilst also enjoying the culture of a European city.

Year 11 Revision Weekend: Working with PGL we offer a revision weekend during March. The weekend takes place at Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire and combines outdoor pursuit activities run by PGL’s qualified instructors with revision sessions delivered by TMBS staff.  

Academic trips and events within the school day

Kenilworth Castle: The Humanities department run a trip for Year 7 Students to spend a day exploring the grounds of Kenilworth Castle to gain first-hand experience of life in medieval times and how castles are designed.

Twycross Zoo: The Science department run a trip for Year 7 students to visit our local zoo to learn how rare species of animals and ecosystems are being protected.

Dovedale: The Humanities Department run a trip for Year 8 students to visit the Peak District National Park and study various river land forms whilst taking in the stunning landscape as part of our Geography curriculum.

Space Centre: The science department run a trip for Year 9 students to the National Space Centre in Leicester which aims to educate students on the history of space exploration and the technical advantages that have made it possible.

Birmingham City Centre and Bradgate Park: As part of the Geography GCSE syllabus and in preparation for their Paper 3 exam, students attend two trips to study the impacts and regeneration on a city centre and the physical features of a meander at Bradgate Park. 

A Christmas Carol Production: To support KS4 students with one of the Key English Literature texts both Year 10 and Year 11 students have the opportunity to indulge their love of literature and the theatre and watch a performance of A Christmas Carol.


During lunchtime and after school we have a large range of extra-curricular activities that allow students to further develop their individual passions and interests. These include:

Art & Design Clubs: All KS3 students are welcome in the Art room every lunch to draw, paint and get creative and KS4 students can use the Textiles workshop to catch up on course work for creative subjects.

Book Club: The school hosts a weekly book club in the Hive at lunchtime where students take part in group reading and discussion about a book of their choice.

Creative Writing Club: The creative writing club is open to every student who feels as though they have something special or imaginative to create. The aim of this club is to share ideas to create something personal, imaginative and (subsequently) special. We explore a range of different angles to explore our ideas, such as murder mysteries, poetic writing, writing as visual art, object-stimulus writing, historically-inspired writing and much, much more. Everyone is welcome - just bring your lunch and your fantastic ideas!

Dance Club: Once a week after school in the Autumn and Summer term the KS4 dance students plan a weekly after school dance club for KS3 students in preparation for their Christmas and End of Year Showcases.

Drama Club (KS3): Those students who have developed a passion for acting have the opportunity to attend a weekly drama club at lunchtime where students have the opportunity to get involved in workshops to develop their acting skills or prepare for the end of term Summer and Winter showcases. Students who want to explore other areas of theatre, such as stage management, assistant directing and theatrical design elements are also welcome to come along and get involved.

Footprint: Our Eco Club meets once a fortnight to raise awareness of important environmental issues and ensure the school does everything it can to be environmentally sustainable in the future. The club’s campaign and proactive approach has seen them involved in tree planting schemes and reducing non-recyclable waste in our school canteen.

Gardening Club: We have a dedicated group of students that come to the learning garden each week to prune, weed, plant and tidy. It gives students and staff the time to breathe and connect with nature.

Singing & Orchestra Club: Run by the music department students within KS3 & KS4 are welcome to attend lunchtime clubs throughout the year, including Singing and Orchestra, in preparation for end of term Winter and End of Year showcases and numerous local performances within the community.

Sports Clubs: The PE department encourages Sport for all’ and run after school sessions every night of the week for each year group; the focus is on encouraging fun and participation. Everyone is welcome and over the course of the years students are able to take part in Rugby, Football, Netball, Sports Hall Games, Badminton, Table Tennis, Striking & Fielding and Swimming.

STEM Club: The Science department runs a weekly witchcraft and wizardry themed STEM club for Year 7 students to enrich their Science knowledge and investigative skills. If students complete all 7 experiments, they will be awarded a certificate of achievement.

Sports Teams: For students that enjoy the competitive element of sport we have a range of sports teams that have competed at a local, regional and national level. These include football (girls and boys), netball, rugby, table tennis, trampolining and athletics.

Student council: Students are very passionate about expressing their views. We have a selection of students in a range of year groups who enjoy the opportunity to discuss the running of the school and suggest ideas of what they would like to have available to them. Students have the opportunity to get involved in competitions run by The Market Bosworth Rotary Club for young people and also enjoy taking part in fundraising events.  They meet on a weekly basis. Students also have the chance to go on the Houses of Parliament trip where they get a personal guided tour of the historical building.

Fundraising Events: The school takes a tremendous amount of pride in the annual fundraising events that have raised thousands of pounds for Children in Need and Comic/Sports Relief.  Annually our Year 7 & 8 students take responsibility for raising money for Children in Need through a sponsored walk and cake sale, whilst as part of the Care Curriculum, Year 9 plan a whole school event involving stalls and staff challenges. 


Debating Workshops: Several students are given the opportunity to take part in a debating challenge with other Leicestershire schools.

End of Term Showcase: Prior to Christmas and the summer holidays the Expressive Arts department perform for staff and parents a showcase they have been practising within their Music, Drama and Dance clubs.

Local Performances: Every year the school’s singing club perform as part of the Market Bosworth Christmas Lights switch on in the village, and they have also performed at a number of local events.

Spelling Bee: The school hosts an annual spelling Bee competition for KS3 students wishing to compete against other schools as the best spellers. 

Year 7 Halloween Disco: Every year TMBS opens its doors on Halloween to celebrate the new Year 7 cohort. Students get the opportunity to make new friends, get dressed up and party the night away with staff providing spooky entertainment. Funds raised on the night go to the TMBS Fundraising Committee.