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Students are taught in mixed ability groups in year 7, in tutor groups and are setted in years 8 and 9 with sets 1 and 2 and two mixed groups in each population. In year 7 the focus is on building confidence, with particular attention to developing speaking and listening skills and teaching the fundamentals of grammar. The topics covered are as follows:

  • Year 7 – yourself, family, school, time, likes and dislikes
  • Year 8 – hobbies, food and drink, house and home environment
  • Year 9 – health, illness and healthy living, arranging to go out, holidays and tourism

Throughout key stage 3, strong emphasis is placed on the teaching of grammar, to enable students to become independent learners and to provide a firm foundation for study at GCSE. End of key stage 3 results are very good, with a high proportion achieving level 5 or above (the generally accepted level for those who have the potential to obtain grade C or above at GCSE).

Various film projects are also incorporated into the scheme of work.

The department has a cross-curricular link with the ICT department where students develop an individual web page in French, and add to it on an on-going basis. 

Staffing and Resources

The department has 5 specialist Modern Languages teachers, including one French native speaker. All teachers are qualified to teach French to ‘A’ level, and all can teach a second foreign language, were this to be offered at a future date. French GCSE has previously been taught very successfully to a top set in year 9 at the School a number of years ago and teachers have experience of GCSE and ‘A’ level teaching before joining The Market Bosworth School. The department benefits from a dedicated suite of 4 rooms, which are well equipped with computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards. Lessons are lively and engaging, with a wide variety of resources and strategies being used. Good practice is shared across the department. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

The department runs two year 7 trips to Le Touquet, Northern France each June for 47 students per trip. There is also a week-long study visit to Normandy towards the end of year 8.

A selection of comments from students participating in the 2012 trip as follows:

I thought it was a really good trip. I made a lot of new friends.

We did lots of different activities. It was fun.

I liked practising my French at the market. The water park was especially good.

The department organises a very successful International Day every July, with the normal timetable being suspended, and students taking part in workshops with an international theme. A selection of student comments taken from the evaluation sheet following last year’s day:

It was cool

I really liked International Day, because I made new friends.

It was really fun and inspiring

I wouldn’t change anything. It was all great

Members of the department have organised lunch-time clubs, for example a travel club and French conversation classes for the several native speaker students currently at the school.


The department has developed close links with our feeder primary schools over a number of years, providing training for colleagues, and participating in themed days, for example a French day at Newbold Verdon Primary school.

Every year The Market Bosworth School hosts a French theatre visit (the Onatti theatre company) which students from years 5 and 6 from all of our official feeder primary schools attend. We work closely with other high schools in the area, and have been an active participant in the Linked Up project led by Brookvale High School, resulting in a wide range of resources being developed for use with year 9 students.