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High quality French Lessons and trips should foster students’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. As a department we aim to:

  • Enable students to master the basic building blocks of phonics, vocabulary, and grammar to allow them to communicate effectively and independently in French and consequently acquire the language learning skills to master other languages.
  • Develop a deep cultural awareness of Francophone countries and broaden students’ horizons engendering a curiosity of other cultures in the future.

Curriculum Provision

All students in KS3 are taught five lessons of French in Years 7 & 8 with four lessons a fortnight in Year 9. Students wishing to continue studying French at GCSE will then have five lessons of French at KS4.

To challenge and stretch our talented linguistics the languages department also offer the opportunity for students to follow a Latin course in Years 8 & 9 that is delivered in twilight sessions after school.

Exam board specification: Edexcel  French 


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