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The intent of the mathematics curriculum is to establish a clear foundation of all key areas within Number, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics and Ratio/Proportion at KS3 to allow for further development of these skills at KS4. The emphasis is to ensure students are proficient in the skills developed throughout KS2, supported or extended where applicable and linking prior learning into the KS3 curriculum. Numeracy and mental arithmetic skill are embedded in our framework and also in the form of weekly differentiated assessing, with a follow-up support and enrichment activity where applicable. Problem solving has more emphasis in the KS3 curriculum, with exposure to wordier questions in lessons and assessments, allowing for interlinking between multiple topics and better preparing for KS4.

Curriculum Provision

All students in KS3 are taught seven lessons of Maths over a two-week period, which will then increase to nine periods in KS4. In both Year 10 and Year 11 a small group of students will also have five additional Maths sessions to support them with the course.

Students who complete additional Maths lessons will have been identified by their teachers in Year 9 and following discussions with parents are offered the opportunity in place of French/Enterprise and Marketing when they go through the options process in the summer term.

Exam board specification: AQA  Maths


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