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We believe that all students need a strong scientific understanding of the world around them, with all students deserving a broad and ambitious science curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge that ignites their curiosity and prepares them effectively for future learning and employment.  By delivering a spiral curriculum, we enable students to explore, revisit and build upon their knowledge of the key ideas throughout KS3. To then understand and apply the key scientific threshold concepts of each scientific discipline with high proficiency by the end of KS4. Throughout the science curriculum there is an equal emphasis on the promotion of students' scientific skills, in the forms of; collection, analysis, mathematical competency, application and evaluation of data within science. All skills that are essential to understand, articulate and question the implications of science today and of the future.

Curriculum Provision

All students in KS3 are taught seven lessons of science over a two-week period, which will then increase to ten periods in KS4. Within Year 10 and Year 11 groups are taught by three teachers who will each focus on Chemistry, Physics or Biology.

In KS4 all students will complete the double award qualification but, where appropriate, some students, through discussions with parents, will have the opportunity to complete triple science and achieve a separate grade for Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Exam board specification: AQA  Science


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