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Le Touquet Blog Day 2

For the students the day began with a gentle wake-up call at 7.00am followed by a breakfast of cereal, croissants, hot chocolate and french bread & jam. The students maintained their previously high standards of dining etiquette, though they were all clearly energised by the prospects the new day, in a new country, held for them. 

After breakfast came the first room inspections. Standards of tidiness and organisation were a little mixed, though on the whole pretty good. All of the children had managed to find the bin, most of them had used it and some had even had a go with the sweeping brush. Without wishing to cause any contention, the boys' rooms, with some notable exceptions, were on the whole much tidier than the girls'. Needless so say, the girls are eager to prove themselves the tidier in tomorrow's room inspection. 

Amid mostly good natured recrimination regarding the identity of the students who left their socks on the floor, the students boarded the buses for Étaples’ market. The historic market is a great opportunity for the students practise their French. Treasured souvenirs were purchased, including miniature Eiffel towers in a range of eye blistering colours and more sweets. 

In the Market the students are also charged with purchasing their own lunch ready for a picnic around midday. This was held in Étaples’ park and, once again, the students gave a commendable account of themselves showing outstanding conduct. It's a pleasure to accompany such well mannered students, they were a credit to the school. 

With lunch finished, the students embarked onto the coach once more and we set out for Étaples’ war cemetery. While the visit is something of a change in tone and pace for the students they once again represented the school well. Conducting themselves with respect as they toured the grounds, the students filled in their workbooks with the designs of eye catching regimental heraldry and sat in small groups discussing the wide range of nationalities to be found across the ranks of headstones. 
The next stop for the students, in what was a rather busy day, was the Nausicaa sea life centre, a popular attraction with the students. Hitherto unseen wonders were experienced first hand, and even the rather large intimidating shark was met with delighted wonder and curiosity. Manta rays were tickled, jelly fish pointed at, eels eyeballed and phobias of walking through glass bottomed corridors confronted and overcome.  With their aquatic curiosity sated the students returned to the hotel for a brief freshen-up before an evening meal of tasty egg salad for starters, a main of pasta carbonara followed by ice-cream. 

In what is becoming a suspiciously regular occurrence Mrs Moore had decided (way in advance, she is quick to point out) that tonight (in all its rainy glory), was to be our night for bowling. Meanwhile, the other half of the trip, led by Mrs Warner, got to walk through the rain to the beach and the ice-cream parlour. Our walk to the beach and the ice-cream parlour will come tomorrow night, when all forecasts point to it being the mildest evening on record. So bowl the students did and, while only some made strikes, a jolly time was had by all.