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Le Touquet Blog Day 3

As the students aired their rooms this morning they were greeted by only the smallest amount of drizzle, today would be an overcast but largely dry day. With the chance of a little rain early in the morning Mrs Moore had once again sent Mrs Warner's group out to brave the elements at Bagatelle theme park while we went to the Aqua park. The children left the hotel after another splendid breakfast and walked through the semi urban forest that comprises Le Touquet’s suburbs.

Commendably only a handful looked back with longing at the idle coach as they hopped around  puddles and dodged the larger droplets still falling from the trees. With the grand municipal buildings of the town’s centre coming into view the children grew more animated. Here was a chance to explore and practise their French once more. 

Their final purchases made the students again gathered by the post office before setting off for the pool. After a short walk down to the sea front (a splendid opportunity to tell the children that in fact we would be swimming out there in the channel) and the Aqualud. Changing in no time, the students spent a happy, splashy hour or so enjoying all the delights the pool had to offer. The Toboggan Aquatique, proved particularly popular as did the splendid giant waves of the main pool.

All too soon it was time to depart. The weather held while the students ate lunch by the seafront, and after feeding the local sparrows with Carrefour’s finest croustillantes we boarded the waiting coach for Bagatelle theme park. Despite Mrs Moore’s best meteorological predictions the clouds still had some rain left for the children. While they were somewhat damper now, their mood was not; the children’s excited cries of delight blended with the rumble of roller coasters and splashes of log flumes. 

While the children explored the park the teachers located coffee and set about marking workbooks, praising the effort and attention to detail the children had put into documenting their adventures so far. Our faith in Mrs Moore’s meteorological acumen was restored when after only around 20 minutes of drizzle the clouds were chased away leaving the children free to enjoy glorious sunshine for the rest of their time in the park. 

After dinner the children enjoyed a sunny walk down to L'Enduro caffe on the sea front to enjoy drinks and ice-creams. With the sun still shining the children took one final trip down to the sands, before heading back to the hotel and bed.