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Normandy Blog Day 1

Day one: 

After a bright and breezy start to the day, the year 8 Normandy trip departed from school ahead of schedule at quarter to six. Thanks to all of the parents who arrived at school so early and so promptly. 

Following a very smooth journey down the motorway we arrived at Dover at 10.30. A short time before this  Mr. Pervin was somehow able to convince certain students that the Dartford Crossing in London was the bridge that connected England and France! They had obviously forgotten about the ferry ride! 

Because of the swift start to the day, luckily we were able to catch the 11:10 ferry which was an hour ahead of our booking. A very calm crossing followed and students enjoyed the sunshine and views on top deck. We arrived in France at 13:30(local time) and once again the sun was there to greet us. We crossed the impressive bridge, The Pont du Normandie soon after and arrived at The Hotel du Normandie for half past six. 

After a quick check-in and a welcoming hot dinner we spent the rest of the evening wandering along the seafront and exploring the town. The day finished with football and frisbee on the beach and Sam being buried up to his neck! We then strolled back to the hotel for showers and bed.