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Normandy Blog Day 4

Today was food day, much to everyone's delight! This is the day where students get to experience French cuisine and try their French out on the market stall holders and shop keepers. 

We started our day by visiting Houlgate Market, where there was various local produce for sale as well as clothes and souvenirs etc. The students were able to use some of their French and were tasked with finding different French items around the market. Lots of food was purchased including paella, roast chicken and crepes. We had lunch in the park and fortunately the sun was shining once again. 

In the afternoon we visited Honfleur, the picturesque fishing town. We started our visit by making sketches on the edge of the harbour and taking in the sights. Students then had some free time to explore the town and purchase souvenirs. Miss Moir was tasked with arranging our visit to the pancake shop and built some new relations with the managers of the crêperie, as our usual shop was closed. She managed to barter a good deal and all students were treated to pancakes and drinks on the quayside. Following this they were allowed some more free time in the sunshine before we started our journey back to the hotel. 

We enjoyed our final meal together and packed our cases ready for an early getaway on Friday morning. We spent our last evening in the park playing games and having fun before retiring to the hotel ready for our long journey home. 

See you all soon!