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Ski Trip Blog - Day 3

We hope you are enjoying the photos. The students had a fantastic second day on the slopes with some really impressive improvements across the board in all groups. Everyone did exceptionally well, but a special well done goes out to:

  • Connor, who showed that determination and practice can achieve anything. By the end of the day he was showboating to Miss Harrison as he went whizzing past her.
  • Madeline, who showed what ‘resilience’ really meant by putting in an extra run beyond what her instructor had asked.

Some students on the mountain looked a bit worried at one point when they saw Mr Berry hurtling towards them with an impressive amount of speed, but we will forgive him as he did his good deed for the day, looking after an injured lady on the slope whilst we waited for the ski police to come and take her off the mountain.

It’s worth noting the view from breakfast really is spectacular and the students are loving the meals, with an impressive number of helpings being consumed.  Lots of carbohydrates for the skiing to come.

Well done to those students who braved the cold early evening on the nursery slopes for a spot of bum boarding, whilst others got cosy playing cards, charades and a game of pool in reception.

It was a later night as we soaked up some traditional Italian culture in Bormio and it has to be said that TMBS really did show how it was done on the dance floor with some extremely impressive moves being thrown around. We celebrated Ruby’s birthday in style and Mr Kendrick’s break dancing skills were something to behold with an impressive ‘electric worm’ move on the stage! Despite Mr Beckitt’s best efforts to win the dance off he was well and truly put in his place by Sam, Bertie and Ethan.

Hopefully they will all get a good night’s sleep and be ready for day 3 of skiing and an evening at the ice rink.

Lots of Love Bormio 2019