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Ski Trip Blog - Day 6

Day 5 of skiing: It was great to see so many TMBS students whizzing around the mountain.  The sun wasn’t out today and visibility at the top was limited, but a fresh layer of snow made it a delight to ski.  The advanced group came in positively buzzing about their new instructor, who was teaching them how to master 1800 jumps and - more importantly - land them.

Both the beginner groups made their way half way up the mountain, showing the skills on those slightly steeper and challenging runs. In particular, Georgia got the gold award for the (very, very, very small) off-piste challenge.

After their evening meals, the students were “Out Out” in Bormio. The party bus headed down the mountain for another night of dancing. So many playlist requests and so little time, but once again the Cha Cha slide and Macarena reigned supreme.  The students were a little more reserved with their dance moves, with the exception of Makenna, who showed everyone what dancing really was.

As this will be our last blog, there are a few important thank yous to be said:

  1. Mrs Chauhan for being the 9th member of the team, updating the blog and tweeting out photographs.
  2. Pete and Bob (the Beacon) whose bus driving expertise and local knowledge have been invaluable. Essentially, Bob made sure that none of the staff got lost on the mountain.
  3. Rado, who might possibly be the nicest man on the planet, has been our rep for the week and gone the extra mile every step of the way to make sure the students had a fantastic week.
  4. The TMBS staff who have been amazing. I can’t stress how hard they have worked this week, from the moment they got up to the second they went to bed.
  5. Finally, the students. As always, trips have their ups and downs, but we can honestly say that the students on this trip have been brilliant. Thank you for making it a lovely week.

Friday will be our last day on the slopes, but we will send you updates on our journey home and give you a more accurate ETA when we arrive back on UK soil.

Lots and lots of love, for the final time, from Bormio 2019.

Over and out!