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Ski trip blog Day 1

The Journey

Ski Trip 2018 has begun with super-efficient drivers getting us into resort in record time, even managing a breakfast stop at McDonalds in Italy, where Loki and Nick found that ordering a latte in Italy did not get you a milky coffee, but a hot milk. Fingers crossed their linguistic skills will develop as the week progresses. There were also some very interesting comments when getting on the Euro Tunnel about the kind of fish we might see! As well as some interesting guesses about whether the bus would drive through the tunnel or whether we were parking up and boarding a train.

Upon arrival, the year group had some time to arrange their dorms and to prepare themselves for the week by getting their skis and boots in alphabetical order…. an outstanding game of cricket commenced in the rec room, using just a pair of socks and a bottle, with players made up of surnames from L onwards. A rather emotional evening was then had after dinner, with phone calls made home and students contemplating the week ahead, leaving many students a little homesick! An early night was then certainly needed before day 1 of Ski….

Day 1

After visiting the boot room and getting kitted up, Ski lessons began at 10am with students bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the mountain. Some mentionable and memorable moments from the day have been: Lily mastering the backward Ski, Felicity skiing a little too close to the edge and Rhea being taken out completely, but no sooner had she got up, Dipesh took her out AGAIN.  The instructor then decided that she would be better to slide to the bottom of the slope on her bottom!

Lunch time meant excellent Italian food, with pizza, sausage and chips and pasta on offer. Later on, in the afternoon, Molly decided that the fence was a safer option, so skied into that, Annabelle decided to choose her own group, disowning her own and going along with another and on Jack's fall he decided that Abbie may be able to save him and gave her a cuddle. As for the staff…Mr Modha tried to take a little short cut and had a little soft snow face plant. A cold snow compress was quickly created for his swelling nose. By the end of Day 1, Stan nominated himself the award for most falls in one run and was clearly unimpressed with Mr Stubbs’ jeans and flipflop combo.

Post-Ski, it was time for the first coach journey back down the mountain for an evening swim in a luxury spa swimming pool with indoor and outdoor pools, in Bormio town centre.  Some of the boys were trying to impress the girls with their ability to withstand the cold by bravely lying in the snow wearing only their swim shorts, some even managed a few sit ups and press ups.   

The evening was topped off by Luca (Too Long!!!) explaining that he could sing the Haribo song in German, his skills are truly never ending!

Day 2 of skiing will commence at 10am (local time) tomorrow and parents can access the Bormio 2000 webcam to possibly get a glimpse of their little cherubs, or certainly see where they are and the slopes they will be heading onto.