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Ski trip blog Day 3

Day 3

Unfortunately, the 2 days of perfect skiing that we had been used to, with blue skies and sunshine, was not the order of the day when we awoke on Day 3.  Conditions were a little less favourable, with poorer visibility and flutters of snow.

With all the students progressing off the nursery slopes today, there were a number of tumbles when attempting to master the art of the button and chair lifts.  A couple of key fallers were Luca, who fell of the button lift and James, who decided to hug a tree.  Loki decided to take the safer option and had his hand held by his instructor, when attempting the chair lift for the first few times.  Abbie was particularly pleased with herself, as she was moved up a group, due to her slope skills.  The late nights, early mornings and lots of exercise, were starting to show first thing in the morning, but the fresh air and excellent snow ensured that all students returned having had another great day on the slopes.

The evening entertainment was a fancy dress karaoke in the hotel, and with Mrs Lane on the music and Mr Stubbs on the mic, it was inevitable that it would be a good one.  Top fancy dress prizes went to Sam as Shrek and Faolan as Maverick.  Top male singer went to James, with his rendition of 'Defying Gravity' and top female to Ruby, with her take on Gaga’s 'Speechless'.  The battle of the sexes sing off was won by the girls, and Mr Stubbs treated them all to a coke from the bar. The boys redeemed themselves later on with their rendition of ‘Man’s Not Hot’ and were also treated to a drink. 

Students were treated to a guest appearance from a young Belgian girl, Madine, who requested to sing ‘Jour 1’ by Louane, which, the French department will be pleased to know, TMBS students were more than capable of joining in with.

Singing went on late into the evening, with excellent participation, topped off at the end of the night by the students’ choice of ‘Barking’ and then off to bed ready for Day 4.