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Ski trip blog Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 began very sleepily, with a few groggy voices for all of the singers at last night’s karaoke.  The snow was flurrying, and the village could not be seen due to the mist in the valley.  These conditions meant for a chillier day’s skiing and windier conditions as they ventured higher still up the mountain, although not too high, as Bormio 3000 was closed due to the wind.

Students experienced a few pole issues today, with Stan dropping his, Toby bending his and Sam going the whole hog and snapping his completely. The fun park was also not so fun for Dylan, who was just at the right height to get a high five in the face from the giant hand. 

TMBS decided the leave their legacy in Italy by teaching the instructors to ‘Dab’ and a great time was had by all after lessons during the ‘Nutella’ party (don’t panic, nut allergies kept their distance) put on by the Ski School.    

The evening activity involved another descent down the mountain, this time in the coach to partake in some ice skating.  Top skaters were Felicity, Sam, Amelia, Megan, Fred and Mae.  Lots of hand holding and gripping for dear life onto the side of the rink was a common sight during the evening and apparently Italian ice is so much slipper than at home (it must be the special Italian water!)

Day 5 will see the ski race taking place, so watch this space for the results!!!