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Useful Links

Admissions Arrangements

Joining the school at the beginning of Year 7

If you are currently in Year 6 and would like to join our school, please make your application before 31st October.  Applications must be made through the Local Authority in which you live via the following links:

Leicestershire County Council

Warwickshire County Council

Leicester City Council

Derbyshire County Council

We traditionally hold open events for prospective Year 7 students and their parents in September. More information is sent via primary schools in advance of this.

The school received approximately 335 applications this year for 152 places and, as such, is significantly oversubscribed.  As an Academy Trust, the school is responsible for arranging its own admissions appeals. All enquiries relating to admissions or appeals should be sent to the email address below.

Joining the school in all other years or during Year 7

We are currently full and significantly over our Planned Admission Number (PAN) in all years. 

For any questions regarding the admissions process please contact the school at: or 01455 290251.


Statutory Information:

TMBS Admissions Policy 2022

TMBS Admissions Policy 2021


Admissions Appeals Timetable