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School Council

What is the ‘student voice’?

Student voice is extremely important.  As the largest collective group of people within the school it’s important that students get the opportunity to share their ideas about the future of the school and our school council play a very important role.

How does the school council operate?

A school council will run for an annual term in office and at the beginning of each school year the process of election starts again with the aim of giving as many people as possible the chance to represent and have their say.

We aim to have one male and one female representative from each tutor group who can stand for school council and from them a school council is elected to be regular members.

There will be around 8 pupils from across the school who attend the meetings on a regular basis.

What makes a good school council member?

This person needs to be all of the following: motivated, organised, positive, assertive, caring, a good listener, have strong communication skills, diplomacy, confidence and have awareness of other views. 

They are an ambassador for the school and should be willing to attend school events in order to support their school.