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Learning Hooks

What is a learning hook?

Sometimes called 'pre-teaching strategies' they focus on identifying student knowledge or experience, 'hooking' or engaging their interest, then presenting new material in a way that will help students acquire information or skills. We have identified that many students struggle with the step up from KS3 to KS4, partly due to the demand of a full and varied timetable and partly due to the more independent way they are required to work. The idea of a learning hook is to explicitly teach a specific skill each fortnight, therefore, in every subject they take students will be given the opportunity to learn, practice and develop key study skills.

How will it work?

Every fortnight, for KS4 we are going to have a weekly focus on a skill needed for KS4 learning.  The idea is that every subject area will embed time to develop the chosen skill through the subject content to give students ample opportunity to focus on and develop specific skills.

For example the focus could be Organisation:

Very often we assume that students know how to file notes, manage their time and use their planners - but this is not always the case! During the fortnight students will be shown simple tips such as effective folder organisation by using file dividers, how to set out notes pages and record homework in their planner. These skills do not always come naturally and a clear focus at this stage can make a big difference later.

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TMBS Marking & Feedback Framework

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