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Unstoppable Teen

At the start of October 2017 our school spent the day with Kevin Mincher, a leading performance coach, educational innovator, youth advocate and the founder of Unstoppable Teen.  Kevin takes a holistic and evidence based approach to empowering teenagers. During the day Kevin managed to touch our whole school community, spending two and half hours with our Yr 11 students, two hours with Yr 10 and one hour with Yr 8 students.  The feedback has been incredibly positive from all involved.  

Below is a summary of his advice on how you can help your child;

  • Giving and receiving feedback. Ask teachers via email, phone or face to face: Is my child doing well? What can they do better?
  • Memory techniques and critical thinking skills. Help them to understand how they best learn.  Students have been given 7 techniques on how to prepare for exams.  Ask them, how are you going to use these techniques? How can I help you?
  • Peer group mentoring. Students learn better from each other.  Encourage your child to work with others who have strengths where they may have a weakness.
  • Collaborative learning.  Encourage a study group or revision session round at your house, providing food always helps!
  • The most accurate predictor of a child’s success is their hopes and aspirations.  Talk to your child about their goals for the future; encourage them to ‘Dare to dream’.
  • Self esteem and self worth is critical to success.  Everyday reassure your child that you believe in them and they can do it.
  • Sleep is crucial to success. 8/9 hours a night uninterrupted sleep is recommended.

Secrets to Success

  • Get expert advice
  • Listen
  • Take notes
  • Use your initiative
  • Think different
  • Ignore negative people


The unstoppable teen website and App contain lots of information, free articles, podcast and advice for students and parents/carers. Please refer to

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